SCHOOL OF WORSHIP LEVEL 1 - GROUPS (digital download)

SCHOOL OF WORSHIP LEVEL 1 - GROUPS (digital download)

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This pack is for the Facilitator of Churches, Bible Schools or Small Groups.

The Psalmody School of Worship Level One Facilitator's Pack includes:

  1. 13 video lessons by Tom Inglis (one lesson for every week of study),
  2. Course Manual
  3. Facilitator's Manual
  4. Workbook (copy for Facilitator only. Each student will need to purchase their own copy)

The Facilitator's Manual is designed to help facilitator's setup and run a Psalmody School of Worship. 

NOTE: Each student must purchase their own Student Pack which includes a manual and workbook.

UK & South African residents: if you are based in the UK or South Africa, please contact us so we can connect you with a local representative to purchase and receive physical copies of the recordings, manual and workbook.

If you would like assistance with starting up a Psalmody School of Worship, please contact us.